USP Solutions Bonding —
4 months ago

By incorporating an interactive element into a beauty product marketing strategy, it is possible to create a 5th opportunity, referred to as the Beauty Moment of Truth (BMOT).

6 months ago

While marketing on digital platforms can draw the attention of more potential customers, it does not hold the same power as sensorial marketing activities when it comes to forming brand-consumer bonds.  

8 months ago

Delivering on your promises and hearing what consumers have to say will build trust and that all-important reputation so that consumers won’t have to think twice when they see your product on the shelf.

3 years ago

Demonstrating the value proposition of your brand is also an effective way to engage the emotions of consumers and win their hearts.

3 years ago

Gaining this inherent trust of customers is a huge hurdle for any brand to overcome. For new businesses that rely on prospective customers trusting their word alone that they will deliver, this can be especially challenging.

4 years ago

In a perfect world, the consumer opts to buy your product and enters into the loyalty loop where they become repeat purchasers and loyal advocates of your brand. But what if they don’t like it?