Benefits of Zinc in Skincare Products - Show it to the Consumers

Benefits of Zinc in skincare products

Over the years, there have been so many ingredients walking the red carpet of skincare. AHAs, BHAs, Tea Tree Oil, Q10, Bee Venom, Vitamin C, the list goes on. As with all things nowadays, we go back to our roots. So now, the old ingredient, Zinc, has finally received the attention it deserves. Now everyone is clamoring to get onto the Zinc bandwagon to prove its content, efficacy, usage, advantages, value.

Let’s take a look at this wonder ingredient. What is Zinc, and what are its benefits in skincare? It is a mineral also found in our body, and we only need a small quantity of it for our body to stay healthy. Besides health benefits, it has many benefits for our skin and hair. That is why it is an essential ingredient in many skincare, hair care, and preventative products. Cosmetic brands worldwide enhance their skincare products by adding Zinc to their formula.

Zinc is also a potent anti-bacterial; it is often used to treat skin ailments like acne, psoriasis, and other derma issues. It is also excellent for protecting the skin from the sun, making it a prevalent ingredient for sunscreens.

Zinc in its many forms is also found in most anti-dandruff shampoos as it is very effective in controlling this unsightly plague of the scalp. Many kinds of toothpaste have gotten into the movement and are using it as an ingredient for oral health.


    Zinc can also provide relief from itchiness and dryness and has healing properties. That is why it is often prescribed for a nappy rash or even wounds and sores. It works wonders on wounds and cuts by hurrying along the healing process.

    From purely a cosmetic point of view, Zinc helps keep the immune system healthy while boosting the effect of antioxidants such as Vit C and E. At the same time, additional benefit lies in the formation of free radicals in and around the skin.

    Thanks to Zinc oxide’s soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, it is beneficial for people with sensitive skin. Effectively fighting off irritation and preventing inflammation, reducing the number and severity of acne breakouts. As an antibacterial, it is especially effective against bacteria that cause odor. It can prevent bacterial infection by keeping the skin dry and reducing the chance for the contaminants to penetrate the skin by forming a proactive protective mineral shield. Sound’s familiar for Deo’s.


    Now let’s look at the relation of skin to Zinc. Our skin is the third most Zn-abundant tissue in our body.  The epidermis contains more Zinc compared with the dermis. So, essentially, Zinc helps to maintain the health of our largest organ: our skin.

    Let’s summarize the benefits:

    • Anti-inflammatory: Zinc can help wounds heal, reduce inflammation, and improve irritating skin conditions. It regulates immunity and can stimulate new cell production.
    • Anti-microbial: It can soothe the skin and help to move along its treatment. Additionally, it can regulate cell production and support the production of natural oils that prevent pores from clogging, which leads to acne.
    • Antioxidant: It battles damaging free radicals and protects the skin from damage
    • Sunscreen: It acts as a physical shield against UV light; in fact, Zinc oxide screens the UV from penetrating our skin altogether

    There are so many positive characteristics across various cosmetics categories of Zinc, but it is often overlooked or unseen by the consumer.

    The key to this issue very honestly is education. Educating the consumer of the advantages, one has to pick a product that can do more good than harm—addressing issues across categories to give the consumer the satisfaction of being in good hands.

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