How to fast-track brand-consumer bonding.

How to fast-track brand-consumer bonding.

Digitization has changed the way that consumers make purchase decisions. Previously, the process began by considering all available options, which were systematically narrowed down before choosing which product to buy.  

Today, consumers have instant access to a wealth of online information about products including ratings, reviews, videos, influencer opinions and price comparisons. These resources are utilized throughout the ‘Consider/Evaluate’ stages of the journey to add and subtract brands from the group under consideration as new brands are discovered and others are discarded. Armed with this information at their fingertips, the power has shifted from the business to the customer.  

According to the consumer decision journey model, consumer-brand relationships develop at a relatively late stage of the process, only after they have experienced a product physically. If only there was a way to accelerate the process and win customers before someone else does… Good news! Offering a demo tool (blue) grabs a consumer’s attention early on and they become engaged with your brand. 

    Through physical interaction with the demo tool, the consumer has a powerful sensorial experience, forming an initial bond with your brand far earlier than would happen in the absence of a demo tool.  

    With the results of the demo tool, the consumer is equipped with the personal knowledge they need to make the right purchase decision – and the evaluation does not need to be analog.

    In general, consumers value the experience and information brands provide, and they are fast-tracked to the purchase and bonding stage.

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