" ...create experiences that foster positive engagements to keep consumers coming back." Safe. Sealed. Protected. A product demonstration must consider appropriate and safe conditions at POS.

How to make the most of your marketing budget with sensory marketing tools in a touch-free world?

When context and behavior shift, consumers are taken out of their automatic rhythms, if anything, purchasing habits are changing and they pay mindful attention. It will take a while until things will go back to (new) normal, until we feel safe in stores and get in close contact with strangers again. Brands must behave responsibly and consider consumers’ fears in their activations. So how to offer an emotional experience in a no-touch world?

Consumers globally expect long-lasting effects of COVID-19 on their work and personal routines but also their budgets and finances. How people spend and what they buy may be affected even after the crisis period. Brands have to step up their game and offer a new level of product experience to be the first choice in the eyes of the consumer.

With the online business and content marketing being a strong point for every brand, now is the time to bring engagement to consumers´ doorsteps. Catch them at POS, everybody still needs groceries, right? Grab their attention at home: combine the digital storytelling with an offline skin analysis.



Step 1: Choose Category

We offer different technologies that are developed for different claims and products: Use one of our hair care, body care or skin care tests as a conversation starter and a product recommendation tool.

Step 2: Define the Consumer Journey

Sensory marketing tools are designed to capture attention no matter the promotion platform. Testers are performed by consumers themselves, at POS in contactless protocols, as an engagement tool "at home" or online. Define what works best for your brand.

Step 3: Customize Consumer Journey and the Testers

Choose your preferred test tool and ensure multiple touchpoints between your brand and consumers. Here are some customized solutions we created:


Skin Type Test_Box


Scalp Sebum Test_Postcard


Hydration Test_Combined with Digi.Ba


Combi Test_Postcard


0% Aluminum Technology_A6 Test Card

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