Boost Your Brand Activation Campaign in 3 Simple Steps

Thinking outside the box - Inspire New Ideas and Concepts

The cosmetic industry is constantly evolving and innovating to provide consumers with the best possible experience.

Creating a truly immersive experience for consumers is one of the most exciting aspects of using sensory tools. Engaging consumers senses is an effective way to create an experience that sticks with them long after they leave the store. Leading to not only increased sales but also helping to build brand loyalty. 

As marketer, you know that making claims about your product’s superiority over competitors is crucial for success. However, simply making these claims is not enough. You need to be able to prove them. Consumers want to know that they’re investing their money in the best product available.

    Product Efficacy and Comparsion

    Lets look at the possibilities that get you to reach your goal:

    Conduct research: Product testing, and competitive analysis is a valuable approach. The information gathered through sensory marketing materials can highlight the benefits of your product.

    Compare to competitors: When making claims about your product’s superiority, one can compare it to competitors. Showing just how much better your product is.

    Events and demos: Allowing influencers, consumers, press to use, play with and evaluate the product in action, get proof of claim and ask questions can be done by simplifying or gamifying scale demos. Even creating videos that showcase your product.

    Create specific demos: That support specific claims can be effective. For example, if you’re claiming that your product is more effective than XYZ, then creating a demo that showcases the efficacy is key.

    Seek new demo ideas: Work with experts in the industry. External experts can give you a viewpoint that an internal view may not have considered. Someone who has a treasure trove of experience and ideas that can give you proven and science-back innovation to reach your goal. Let them ideate for you.

    Use science-based tools: To support campaigns and activations, use science-based tools. This can include influencer campaigns, point-of-sale materials, digital marketing, and e-commerce.

    Proof of Product Mildness

    Simplification and scalability of demo’s to support marketing campaigns and activations is key. Science-based tools for influencer campaigns, point-of-sale materials, digital media, and e-commerce are powerful tools to further enhance customer trust and loyalty.

    The purpose of ideation is to generate new ideas that demonstrate product claims and show product superiority, to engage and educate audiences of all kinds. Helping build brand and product awareness, generating excitement and making sure they stand out from the rest.

    Overall, marketing sensory tools are exciting demo possibilities in the cosmetic industry. By combining physical and digital elements, brands can create a truly immersive experience that engages the consumer’s senses.

    USP Phygital Solutions is a leading demo developer of marketing sensory tools for the cosmetic industry. Our tools combine on-skin testing with a guided digital journey to provide a phygital experience that engages consumers with their senses. This deep engagement leads to better diagnosis, higher conversion to purchase, and optimised product recommendations.

    As experts in our field, our ideation services have resulted in many highly successful activation tools omnichannel. Check out our brand projects for inspiration.