Phygital is omnichannel and the road map to the future
2 years ago

Phygital is omnichannel and the future

With all this modern technology at our fingertips, consumers are gaining greater access and convenience, as we accept this as our normal. As we grow more comfortable with this beauty solution, the industry will continue to develop new and innovative products that are inclusive and omnichannel.

The tides have turned, and whether we like it or not, consumer behaviour is changing. As physical retail was disrupted, the beauty shopper turned to digital tools to help bridge the gap left by these disruptions. Enter a new ‘phygital’ realm, blurring the lines between our digital and physical worlds.

Brands can now leverage physical + digital aka phygital technology to create experiential journeys that unite both in-store and online. Helping consumers to  make confident purchasing decisions

With in-store testers being put on the back-burner due to heightened global health concerns, consumers had to adopt beauty technology to get a safe, contactless product trial experience.

Going back to socializing, brands are now being challenged to re-invent their in-store and online customer shopping experiences through this phygital perspective. This may mean replacing samples with testers, even fewer or no beauty advisors. This also means addressing colour cosmetic requirements which alter the nature of in-store try-ons. These unique contactless solutions are aiding brands to serve the discerning modern-day shopper. But is just digital believable enough?

Phygital featured project - CETAPHIL - a perfect example
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Not quite for skincare. However, developing a combination of phygital for skincare has been made possible through advanced AI beauty-focused tech and haptic skin testers that deliver a personalised, instant skin analysis with a smart device. It’s through this skincare diagnostic that a new phygital consumer experience is possible. Using these consumer-centric digital activation tools, shoppers can engage in-store and online in a personalised way that meets their specific needs. Using the results to then tailor their specific product recommendations.

Let’s look at some of the crucial benefits of phygital beauty:

  • AI can help keep track of your consumer’s shopping needs and habits all in one place.
  • While the physical on skin tester diagnoses your skin needs and help the AI to build a regime that is perfect for you.
  • It will also speed up the process of finding the right product.
  • It keeps track of your skin and the purchases made. Recommending any changes as the condition of your consumer’s skin develops.
  • It takes away the need of a beauty advisor while giving accurate consultation.

As consumers return to in-store shopping, brands can turn to an advanced beauty demo to deliver a contactless, experiential retail environment that consumers will want to flock to. It’s here, intersecting the physical and digital worlds, that brands can offer creative new shopping experiences.

Whether you want to stimulate purchase intent digitally or offline or make your brand relevant at any stage of the consumer journey, USP Solutions can help. We make your brand #experienceable.