Skin Care is the New Makeup

Skin Care is the New Makeup

The balance between skin care and makeup is an interesting one to think about. Which is more important to you? Which one do you spend more time, money and effort on? For us, it’s all about skin care. It’s not that we don’t love makeup, we’ve all used it to boost our confidence or enhance our features, but we believe that taking good care of your skin is the first step to looking and feeling more beautiful. The most important point is that you don’t need lots of products, just the right ones. 

It could be said that we are experiencing a skin care revolution. In recent years, people have started re-evaluating what they’re putting on their skin and brands have responded by creating combination products such as tinted moisturiser or vitamin E-infused eye shadow, but it doesn’t end there. 

Consumers have also become increasingly demanding, always looking for the newest ingredients and most innovative solutions. The industry has not disappointed, with products containing ingredients such as snail mucus and sheep placenta making it onto the shelves. Another extreme is the 10-step skin care routine  popularised in Korea – which has taken the beauty world by storm. Clearly, skin care is becoming more of a priority. 

We’re not saying that there is no merit in these products or regimes but there is certainly no one size fits all answer to skin care, it’s about understanding what your skin needs by knowing your skin type. Many factors can influence the condition of your skin; exercise and diet are important, as well as your surrounding environment, as several brands have addressed by creating anti-pollution products.  

Skin care is becoming something of a millennial obsession and not necessarily in a bad way. Rather than continuing to cover up blemishes with makeup (which may very well be the cause of them in the first place), we are shifting the balance towards the skin, fixing the problem at its source and minimising the “need” to cover up with makeup.  

Fast-growing beauty brand Glossier pride themselves on the tagline “Skin care first. Makeup second.” making them an instant hit with Millennials, who share this ideal. There is nothing wrong with caring about your appearance but there is a fine line between self-care and investing too much of your self-worth in your appearance. Hopefully you, as brand managers and consumers, can achieve a healthy balance between skin care and makeup by learning what our skin really needs. Your role is not only to capture consumer attention but also to educate them and help to find that balance. We’re not suggesting you throw away your make up bag (long live the bold lip), just that you think about what’s in it. 


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