The Conversation Starter Guaranteed to get Consumers Talking

The Conversation Starter Guaranteed to get Consumers Talking

The vast array of devices, channels, and platforms through which brands and consumers can interact is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, they present more opportunities than ever to reach out to potential consumers but with more and more brands utilising these pathways, it can be difficult firstly to capture their attention and secondly to foster a relationship. It is therefore essential to start the conversation in a way that positions your brand above and beyond the rest and leaves a lasting impression. So how do you do it? 

If you’ve ever been on a team-building day, you probably played some icebreaker games, which were intended to put everyone at ease and establish the foundations of a relationship by learning something about each other. And they worked, right? After you broke the ice, you felt more comfortable interacting with the others and were more open to working together. Sensory marketing tools have the same impact; starting a conversation between brand and consumer and establishing the first level of trust that builds toward a long lasting relationship.  

At the POS, beauty advisors are empowered by demo tools which enable them to easily strike up a two-way conversation with consumers. With the tool acting as an ice breaker, advisors show increased confidence in approaching consumers and similarly, consumers are more receptive when they can see that there is something to be gained from the interaction. Even where beauty advisors are not present, the tools can initiate a brand-consumer “conversation”. Whether they find it in-store, or in their online purchased goods box, the consumer still utilises the demo tool which, by providing information about their individual beauty needs, essentially functions as the advisor/brand representative.  Adding on a digital element to offer a phygital (Physical +digital) makes it even more compelling.

Recognising that your brand has created a personalised experience from which they can learn and make informed purchase decisions, the consumer begins to trust and value you. The conversation has begun and this all important first interaction could mark the beginning of a long term consumer’s journey with your brand. 

Why use demo tools?

✅ appeal to the consumers´ senses
✅ provide visual support
✅ leave a lasting impression
✅ engage the consumer and gain their trust
✅ create an impactful brand activation campaign

Brand-consumer communication has fragmented across all of the available channels and continues to do so with the development of new technologies. Amidst the multitude of available products in a cosmetics store, consumers have become immune to the generic, one-way messages that are constantly fired at them. However, by reaching out to them in this tangible way, it is possible to utilise the full potential value of an interaction. A demo tool makes it easier for individuals to buy and consume what they want, when they want, immediately putting your brand one step ahead of competitors.