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2 years ago

The WOW Factor in
Consumer Engagement

Brand activation campaigns are not simple. Successful brand activation campaigns require a great deal of advance planning. After all, you want the consumer to become emotionally attached to your brand from their very first interaction. A compelling initial brand interaction creates a raving fan of your brand. Brand activation campaigns are a savvy implementation of the right marketing tools to reach your target audience. Your marketing mix will vary depending on product, gender, age-group and geographic location.

Consumer engagement is one important purpose of all brand activation campaigns. On the one Hand Sensory Marketing tools – as part of beauty brand activation campaigns – create a Beauty Moment of Truth. On the other hand, they serve as wonderful conversation starters – truly engaging consumers. Last but not least, they appeal to the consumers’ senses and herewith create an emotional bond between the brand and the target audience.

A survey from 2012 with 240 participants proves the impact sensory marketing tools have on consumers: 70% higher consumer acquisition potential, 80,1 % brand confident increase, 30,6 % brand activation growth.

How to reassure a profound impact on your ROI? Take advantage of Beauty Brand Activation Experts, such as USP Solutions, who offer a free brand activation check, complete with expert recommendations regarding how to best create an indelible positive association with your brand in the minds of consumers.

The use of Sensory Marketing in your next brand activation campaign can mean the difference between simple success and a profound impact on ROI.