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7 months ago

Why sensory marketing can make a difference in beauty brand activation

Sensory marketing is a very beneficial trend to your beauty brand as it involves making use of all five senses to further intensify your consumers’ perception of the brand. It is very important during brand activation campaigns and brand engagement campaigns. Sensory marketing has a number of benefits to the visualization of the beauty products. The general purpose of brand activation campaign is for the consumers to become emotionally attached to your products and continue to buy them.

Aradna Krishna, a renowned marketing professor that directs the University of Michigan’s sensory market laboratory defines sensory marketing as ” the marketing that engages consumers’ senses and affects their perception, judgment and behavior”. This invariably means that making use of sensory marketing will indirectly influence the consumers’ perception of your brand.

Research published by USP solutions have proven that consumers have a positive response towards sensory marketing campaigns and that more than 70% of consumers feel more inclined to buy from your brand.

Adam Brasel who is a marketing professor at Boston College said that marketing researchers “are starting to realize how powerful the responses of non-conscious stimuli is”. Understanding this statement will make all the difference for your brand as you will now know the areas your company has to work on to ensure that you influence your consumers positively using this sensory marketing campaigns rather than negatively. As this sensory marketing schemes are a sure way to get a customer for life or lose a customer for life.

Although most beauty brands are still banking on the visual marketing campaigns, to successfully activate your beauty brand, you need to obviously make use of this sensory activation marketing campaigns in other to stand out from the crowd. This method is a very unique marketing strategy as the consumers are more inclined to participate as it isn’t a direct form of marketing. This sensory marketing is an indirect method that relates to the non-conscious part of the brain or the deepest part of the brain.

As earlier stated, sensory marketing makes use of more than sight and hearing,  it involves scent,  experience as well as benefit visualization. Most beauty brands have to make use of this schemes as the beauty market makes use of all sensory organs in the body,  this is why this method of brand activation campaigning is important. There is a proven science behind the sensory marketing campaign as a successful marketing tool.  Harvard business review reported that ” the science behind the sensory marketing is stepping to the fore”.

Beauty brand executives need to look into this sensory marketing campaigns as it is a sure way to have your consumers emotionally attached to your products and have a lifetime buyer of your beauty brand. Making use of sensory marketing in your beauty brands next activation campaign is sure to yield good results.