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Needing a demo to show how Creamsilk Philippines provides better nourishment to the hair, compared to its competitor, USP with its many years of collaboration with Unilever was asked to develop a tool that was easy to use for the beauty advisors in-store.

USP’s R&D team working along with the team developed a Glycerine detector tool that could detect the key ingredient that provides nourishment to the hair. As glycerine is a humectant, and it can actually pull in moisture from the air, it keeps hair hydrated and healthy. USP’S Glycerine sensor can detect the presence in a product within seconds, proving that the product nourishes and fulfils its promise. As a two-step demo, the team was able to compare Cream Silk’s product with its competitor. Making it not only a powerful tool but believable as well.

  • Creamsilk
  • Hair Care
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  • Glyserine sensor
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  • Digital/Influencers
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Reach Target Audience
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Reach Target Audience
Increase Sales
USP - Glycerine detector
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