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Dandruff Test

About the project

Although dandruff flakes may look alike, they can be caused by various types of scalp conditions. Knowing which type of dandruff you have is key to getting rid of the flakes and itchiness. The different types of dandruff, each with a unique cause can be treated easily with changes to specific hair care routines. Vichy Dercos team wanted an easy to use, diagnostic tool to explore the different types of dandruff of their individual consumer and help to recommend their product range accordingly.

The USP Dandruff Test worked perfectly as a conversation starter, providing consultation, and as a recommendation tool with a simple workflow. This tester card was engaging and by educating their consumer to learn if they had dry dandruff, oily dandruff, or no dandruff, they helped to establish brand awareness, brand trust, and give added value to their marketing activity…leading to increased sales.

  • Dercos
  • Dermocosmetics,
  • Hair Care
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  • Dandruff Test
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  • Pharmacies
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  • Spain

Proven Results

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Reach Target Audience
Increase Sales
Reach Target Audience
Increase Sales

How It Works

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Dandruff Test
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