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Gatineau Paris

What is your personal skin texture?

About the project

The aim of this brand activation campaign was to enable consumers to pick “the right product” out of the Gatineau Paris product portfolio, knowing – that only happy and satisfied consumers fall in love with a brand and buy again. 

  • Gatineau Paris
  • Skin Care
Beauty Concern:
Test Type:
  • 2D-Wrinkle-Tester
Activation Channel:
  • POS, Social media,
Sales Channel:
  • France

What was the challenge?

For their upcoming “Gatineau Paris” brand activation the Gatineau team needed a tool that could provide consumers with a solid and reliable skin texture analysis. The goal: based on the skin analysis results consumers should be guided to pick the right product out of the Gatineau Paris assortment.

How did USP Solutions help?

Understanding our client needs for a reliable and solid skin texture analysis, the experts recommended a 2D Wrinkle card. This card not only provided the tests itself and the result fields but also provided space for a product recommendation.

As a first step, initial concepts and prototypes, differing in size and shape, were sent to the Gatineau team. 

After deciding on how the sensory marketing tool will be used in the campaign, the USP experts took the lead in handling artwork, printing and on-time delivery in the usual, professional manner.

How does the tester work?

This wrinkle test consists of two parts: a Powder Applicator and a Visual Patch. When used together, the strips deliver a 2-dimensional visualization of the skin’s surface structure and/or expression lines.

How It Works (corner of the eye version):

  • Gently apply the powder to the skin to be tested.
  • Gently press the Visual Patch onto the powdered skin area,
  • Compare the result on the Visual Patch with the reference fields.


Proven Results

Our beauty marketing tools are highly effective

Reach Target Audience
Increase Sales
Reach Target Audience
Increase Sales

How It Works

Watch this video to see the tool in action

01:17 min
How to engage customers - step 1 | USP Solutions


Apply powder by gently rubbing patch to skin at eye corner (patch 1).

How to engage customers - step 2 - Press Patch onto eye area | USP Solutions


Press wrinkle patch onto eye area (patch 2).

How to engage customers - step 3 | USP Solutions


Compare wrinkle patch with result fields to determine your personal wrinkle structure.