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Scalp Sebum Test

Scalp health diagnostic tool

About the project

The team in Brazil wanted to provide their consumer and representatives, a powerful and easy way to engage, have a better understanding of their scalp condition and stimulate the purchase intent, in seconds. H&S is primarily a dandruff shampoo but the culture of the area does to account for dandruff, so another angle to promote the advantages of the product had to be focused on.  A tool was, therefore, needed that did not focus on dandruff but the claim was to be combined with sebum, cosmetic benefit, hydration and nutrition. A marketing tool that worked in 1:1 interactions or self-service activations, which were specifically designed to diagnose the scalp hygiene (oiliness) of a consumer.

With this tool, consumers could understand their hair and scalp status and get a product recommendation based on their specific result.

Using our diagnostic Scalp Sebum Level Tester, the demo card with the tool was perfectly developed as a conversation starter, engagement, consultation, and recommendation tool with a simple workflow.


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  • Scalp Sebum Test
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Proven Results

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Reach Target Audience
Increase Sales

How It Works

Watch this video to see the tool in action

Scalp Sebum Test
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