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L'Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris – Fair and Radiant Skin.

About the project

The L’Oréal Paris team was looking for a solution that proved both claims of their White Perfect Clinical Cream: UV protection and flawless, fair skin. While increased consumer engagement and brand trust were other key aspects of this project.

  • L'Oréal Paris
  • Skin Care,
  • Sun Care
Beauty Concern:
Test Type:
  • Dark Spots
Activation Channel:
  • POS
Sales Channel:
  • Vietnam

What was the challenge

Fair and radiant skin, with UV protection – that was the claim the L’Oréal Paris team was aiming to prove to their consumer. Hence the activation tool had to engage the consumer while demonstrating these claims.

How did USP Solutions help

It was USP Solutions main goal to transform L’Oréal Paris’ requirements into a highly engaging activation tool that evoked consumer excitement. The challenge was to find a way to demonstrate the both the whitening effect as well as the UV efficacy – all combined in one tool.

The next step was to develop concepts and send the suggestions to the L’Oréal Paris team – together both teams concluded that the Dark Spot & Whitening Demo Tool in combination with the UV Protection tool on one card would be the best approach for this campaign.

Once agreed upon on how the haptic experience tester will be used in the campaign, USP took over the responsibility of handling artwork, printing and lastly the on-time delivery.

How does the tester work?

The Whitening & Dark Spot Demo Tool enables you to show consumers how much brighter and even toned the skin becomes after applying your whitening product.

The UV Protection Demo Tool is a true multi-talent: not only does it indicate the presence of harmful UV rays, used as an BEFORE/AFTER test, but it proves your SPF product’s protection claim.

These two technologies combined on one test card proved to consumers that L’Oréal Paris White Perfect Clinical Cream held its promise of “protected, flawless, bright skin”.

How it works:

Left side (Dark Spot/Whitening Tool):

  • Take a small amount of L’Oréal Paris White Perfect Clinical Cream
  • Apply onto the surface of the face on the left
  • Gently distribute over face
  • Watch how dark spots disappear

Right side (UV Protection Tool)

  • Take a little bit of L’Oréal Paris White Perfect Clinical Cream
  • Apply evenly onto one half of the surface of the right face
  • Expose to UV sunrays/ UV lamp
  • Watch how the protected side of the face stays bright and flawless, while wrinkles and sunburn appear on the unprotected side

Proven Results

Our beauty marketing tools are highly effective


How it Works

Watch this video to see the tool in action

Dark Spot Demonstrator
Brand Activation - Dark Spot Demo Tool - Step 1 | USP Solutions


Place Dark Spot Demo Card in front of you.

Brand Activation - Dark Spot Demo Tool - Step 3 | USP Solutions


Apply complexion correction product onto dark spots within the test area.

Brand Activation - Dark Spot Demo Tool - Step 4 | USP Solutions


Remove remaining cream with cotton pad or tissue.

Brand Activation - Dark Spot Demo Tool - Step 5 | USP Solutions


Discover how the treated skin area appears lighter and more even.