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Three Seconds Skin Analysis: Find the Foundation for your Skin Type

About the project

The Revlon marketing team wanted to enhance the reputation of its brand and increase the market share of its face products. To achieve this, Revlon needed to engage shoppers at the Monoprix point of sale, through special make-up consultation bars which used both digital and kinesthetic tools, to educate women of their needs. The tool needed to be easy to use, together with a beauty advisor or alone, educational, personal, and be an accurate guide for the customer to know their specific skin type requirements and product need.

How did USP Solutions help?

The demo developed by our team was a 2-zone skin type tester card. On one side with the result comparison scale so that shoppers could easily identify their skin type and on the other to better choose the products relevant to their needs.

Skin Analysis Demo helped to trigger consumer engagement, improve consumer impact, and involved emotions with its power. It also gave the beauty advisor’s increased confidence, compensating for any lack of selling skills by providing a tool that changes selling to a consulting. Used alone, it achieved a powerful ‘Aha’ moment of truth.


  • Revlon
  • Color Cosmetics,
  • Skin Care
Beauty Concern:
Test Type:
  • Skin Type Test
Activation Channel:
  • POS with or without BA´s
Sales Channel:
  • France

Proven Results

Our beauty marketing tools are highly effective

Reach Target Audience
Increase Sales
Reach Target Audience
Increase Sales

How It Works

Watch this video to see the tool in action

USP Skin Type Test
01:41 min