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How benefit visualization tools WOW social media campaigns


Ca&Le Cosmetics is a well known privately held, Austrian organic cosmetics company with which we have a long business relationship with. We have been on the road of success together for so long, that we have become friends.

At some stage – when we discussed the impact of our solutions on social media – Ca&Le volunteered to have their products “tested” on Instagram – using one of our benefit visualization test tools of course. Based on recent trends in the cosmetics industry we decided to set up the ” Ca&Le Fast Absorption Instagram Campaign”.



– we chose a Social Influencer Company
– we decided on 10 influencers in the UK, women of all age
– we asked the influencers to compare their everyday product to that of Ca&Le


What started as a small idea – became a huge success – for Ca&Le, the Social Influencers and for our #benefitvisualization tools. Based on the campaign results, there is clear evidence that #benefitvisualization tools improve word of mouth advertising/PR:

  • social influencers love to share real test results that underline their own personal experience/opinion
  • actually testing the product claim leads to a high-quality interaction with a brand/product which leads to highly emotional and especially trustworthy content (posts/videos)
  • followers engage more often and more emotional and share it more often with their friends
  • followers get interested in testing the product and want to know where they can get a) the product and b) the test strips

Whereas social influencer campaigns on and for cosmetic brands tend to have average engagement rates of 0.81 % our benefit visualization campaign succeeded to have an average engagement rate of 1,6%, with heights of up 9%.

Key Findings & Proven Results

Increased Engagement Rates
Increased follower rate by 35 %
Increase in Consumer Trust
Increased Engagement Rates
Increased follower rate by 35 %
Increase in Consumer Trust

#9 reasons why #benefitvisualization tools should be in your next social media campaign

Interview with a social influencer

#9 reasons why
1:35 min


  • No risk of misinterpretation 
  • Posts are not just “right” but emotionally compelling

Many marketing platforms celebrate the new possibilities that social media platforms offer to marketers and their brands. Nevertheless, some marketers are aware of the risks that come along with it. What if the product, its benefits are misinterpreted? What if the influencers use the product incorrectly?

Our Ca&Le Instagram campaign proves that the integrating of a benefit visualization test tool reduces the risk of misinterpretations. The product was not once used incorrectly, neither was the test.

In summary, the integration of benefit visualization tools increased the engagement rate and the quality of the influencer post/content. Furthermore, it had a strong impact on their followers’ feedback and comments, thus resulting in increased consumer trust.

More Info

All of our tools are simple to use and are used by marketers worldwide to increase brand awareness and prove product claims. Also referred to as sensory marketing tools, they enable consumers to experience a brand, whereas the haptic approach plays the most important role.

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There are many ways to integrate sensory solutions into your Influencer Brand Activation Campaign.