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Promotional Marketing

Promotions that engage
consumers and their senses

Promotional marketing has many faces. It may be integrated into direct mails, or be part of in-store promotions. However, different from their activation channels, these types of promotions tend to create extra value for the consumer. They aim at attracting new consumers and satisfying existing ones. These goals are best reached when marketers appeal to the consumers’ senses.


What is widely understood about promotional marketing? It is defined as “any special offer intended to raise a customer’s interest and influence a purchase” *. Additionally, the goal of promotional marketing is to raise awareness and increase a product’s appeal.

Which characteristics are a must for “promotional items”?
Based on the definition and the intent of promotional marketing campaigns, any items used in such a campaign must:

  • raise awareness
  • create and/or increase memories
  • leave a lasting impression about the company, not just the product
  • appeal to new and existing customers
  • prove superiority of the product
  • positively impact sales immediately
  • influence positive reviews online (influencers)


Our experts at USP Solutions have developed a concept for beauty brands, called “Beauty Moment of Truth” or BMOT. This concept is based on creating a unique moment for consumers. Each target customer has a unique opportunity to learn about his or her needs while having a direct experience with a brand or company and, in the process, learning about its superiority.

At USP Solutions, we develop sensory marketing tools that appeal to consumers’ senses. Due to their haptic approach, sensory tools are not experienced as marketing items. However, they establish a dialogue between consumers and a brand.

More Info

A study with 250 participants discovered that integrating a haptic approach to a promotion or brand activation campaign has a profound impact. To learn about the key findings of the study and what integrating the Beauty Moment of Truth can do for you and your brand, download our whitepaper on the BMOT, read our blog on this topic, or feel free to get in touch with us directly!

Activation Channels

There are many ways to integrate sensory solutions into your Promotional Brand Activation Campaign.