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Relationship Marketing

The Key to Brand Loyalty

Relationship marketing differs from other forms of marketing in that it emphasizes the long term value of customer relationships. Its ultimate goal is to build brand advocates.


This section of marketing and management has only recently become a focal point. It is primarily concerned with the development of long-term relationships with customers. The focus is now on the consumer. For a long time this essential factor was overlooked by various marketing concepts.

Whilst the management strategy of previous years concentrated primarily on price and product, relationship marketing turns its attention towards the relationship between a company and/or brand and its customers. Therefore, Relationship Marketing invests in a long-term, holistic approach.

Communication plays a key role in this. The classic „Shannon-Weaver“/“Sender-Receiver“ customer communications model is now being replaced by a new „Sender-Receiver-Sender“ model. Each sender is now also a receiver, and each receiver is therefore also a sender. For corporate communications, this means that a conversation can now be established with a target-group. Yet, this target-group is the main contributor to this dialogue.


Our sensory marketing tools fit perfectly into these new approaches. Sensory Marketing tools create an interaction between the brand and the consumer. Instead of creating a “once shouted message”, they create a dialogue, integrating and engaging consumers. The end result is a truly positive interaction.

Our sensory marketing tools even go a step further. They not only create interaction and a dialogue, but they also foster a deep personal and emotional experience. This factor has a huge impact on brand awareness and brand love (detail see study results in BMOT Whitepaper).

Marketing executives convey the message that they really care. Consumers appreciate that their concerns are taken seriously, and return the favor by spreading the word online.

More Info

Our video on this particular consumer experience, to which we refer to as the “Beauty Moment of Truth (BMOT)” summarizes the impact sensory marketing tools have on consumers and their relation to a brand. Our whitepaper provides additional information including study results.

USP Solutions Video

Have a look at this short video to see how sensory marketing solutions enable a two-way conversation, changing selling into consulting in both direct and indirect selling situations.

Change Selling to Consulting
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Activation Channels

There are many ways to integrate sensory solutions into your Relationship Brand Activation Campaign.