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Sensory demo tools to protect
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The 3 reasons why

brand and marketing managers choose to integrate sensory demo tools into their online & offline brand activation:

Brand and marketing managers from all around the world call on the specialists at USP Solutions: to break through the clutter, to make their brand activation campaign unique and memorable. offline & online.

What sensory demo solutions enable you to achieve:

  • Trigger consumer engagement and remain memorable  #sensorymarketing #beautymoment
  • Change selling to consulting #ahamoment
  • Support and visualize a product claim #benefitvisualization

So far that the promo is ongoing, we are getting a higher rate of redemption and trial!

Nill Patrick Arroyo,

Verbal messages are filtered cognitively. We evaluate, we think about them. [...] Sensory input goes directly to your gut.

sensory marketing
Kristen Nauth,,
United States

When consumers have a sensory experience, they will automatically place more trust and confidence in a brand.

sensory marketing usp solutions
K. Sadisvan,,

Our Solutions

Engaging solutions for your beauty brand activations:

Watch our new skin lightening and brightening demo card in action.

unique colour fade-out technology

Skin Whitening Demo Card
01:06 min

How we work together


Contact your J&J experts at USP Solutions as soon as you start to work on a new brand activation. We translate your brief, your goals, your marketing plan into a unique & sensory J&J Demo Solution.


Feasibility study and timeline planning (time & resources), from product development to activation launch.


Interacting with USP creative labs, Professional Services will propose a first mock-up integrating customer key visuals, as a basis for an iterative interaction with the customer. Our goal is to find the final unique solution for you.


Use current USP Solutions tester technology or develop new technology (with USP R&D) that best meet your brand claim needs.


We provide support for J&J internal presentations. Just fill us in on your needs.


We develop “How it Works” visuals and videos, for J&J internal training and consumer education purposes.

How we support J&J wordwide.

What benefits to expect:
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