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How do I best visualize the benefit(s) of my brand? It is very rarely an easy task. The “solution” shall be impactful in many ways: it must highly convince internal sales people, outshine the competition,  turn consumers into brand ambassadors and, last but not least, strongly increase sales. This is exactly where we come in. As Demo Development Experts we understand the many challenges. Together with the project team we have and currently are creating outstanding brand visualization tools which simply rock the market. See for yourself. 


We've rolled out the activation planned with your oil tester strips and it was much appreciated. Other countries across the S Asia zone are interested to take up the activity as well. Thanks again and we'll be in touch for more exciting things!

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Zeenia Shroff-Bastani,
Senior Marketing Manager, India

Garnier Body & USP Solutions Success Story

Garnier Body Instensive 7 Days Challenge
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Our Solutions

Engaging solutions for your beauty brand activations:


Verbal messages are filtered cognitively. We evaluate, we think about them,[...] Sensory input goes directly to your gut.

sensory marketing
Kristen Nauth,
Social Technologies Research, Washington D.C

When consumers have a sensory experience, they will automatically place more trust and confidence in a brand.

sensory marketing usp solutions
K. Sadisvan,
SRM University

How we work together


Contact your L’Oréal experts at USP Solutions as soon as you start to work on a new brand activation. We translate your brief, your goals, your marketing plan into a unique & sensory L’Oréal Demo Solution.


Feasibility study and timeline planning (time & resources), from product development to activation launch.


Our Experts will propose a first mock up integrating L’Oréal key visuals, as a basis for an iterative interaction with your target customer. Our goal is to find the final unique solution for your L’Oréal brand.


Use current USP Solutions tester technology or develop new technology (with USP R&D) that best meet your brand claim needs.


We provide support for L’Oréal internal presentations. Just fill us in on your needs.


We develop “How it Works” visuals and videos, for L’Oréal internal training and consumer education purposes.

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