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Dark Eye Circles
Demo Technology

Can dark eye-circles
be brightened up?

USP’s demo tools allow consumers to easily engage with your brand in a fun and safe way.  

How does it work? The Eye Circle Demo Technology simulates dark eye circle reduction and improvement of overall skin tone. The tool demonstrates within seconds the effect that the eye treatment product may have on skin appearance. Its test area reacts to product application by visibly reducing dark circles, brightening the skin around the eyes area. 

Dark Eye Circles demo tool is helping your brand to communicate intimately with your consumer and by awakening, all their senses.

Beauty Concerns:
Activation Channels:
  • POS, Magazine Insert, Sampling,
    In-Pack/On-Pack, Direct Sales, Sampling, Catalog Insert, Sales Training, Beauty Professionals
Sales Channels:

How it works

Watch this video to see the tool in action

01:15 min
Brand Activation - Eye Circle Demo Tool - Step 1 | USP Solutions


Place Anti-Dark Circle Demo Card in front of you.

Brand Activation - Eye Circle Demo Tool - Step 2 | USP Solutions


Apply dark eye circle correction product on test area (marked with arrow).

Brand Activation - Eye Circle Demo Tool - Step 3 | USP Solutions


Remove excess cream with cotton pad or tissue.

Brand Activation - Eye Circle Demo Tool - Step 4 | USP Solutions


See how the treated eye area appears lighter.

Customize it and create your unique solution!

We can easily customize this technology in size, shape, material, printing effects and more – so the tool perfectly reflects the uniqueness of your brand.


The cooperation with USP was very pleasant and uncomplicated. We were satisfied 110%!

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