Body Fragrance Test

How do you woo consumers
with your brand's scent?

USP Solutions’ Body Fragrance Test is a reliable, easy-to-use test that appeals to your consumer’s senses – enabling them to touch, feel and “smell” your brand, thus emotionally engaging them.

The scent is revealed by gently rubbing the card against your body skin, eg. the inside of your forearm.  When consumers perform the test, they get physically in-touch with your brand. It’s this haptic experience that creates an emotional and long-lasting impression – essential when it comes to brand awareness and brand love.

Beauty Concerns:
Activation Channels:
  • POS, Magazine Insert, Sampling,
    In-Pack/On-Pack, Direct Sales, Sampling, Catalog Insert, Sales Training, Beauty Professionals
Sales Channels:

Your challenge

Consumers are often uncertain to try out new body lotions, shower creams, or deos because they simply don’t know its scent. And even more so, they are uncertain how this scent unfolds on their very own skin.

How do you as a Marketing Executive re-assure that buying your brand is the right decision. How to ensure people choose the scent they love, and, as a consequence will stop trying but buy again?

In terms of scent, Marketing Executives often face 3 major challenges

  • provide consumers with their brand’s unique scent before a buying decision is made.
  • set up strong bonds with consumers
  • offering unique demo tools which emotionally engage consumers and increase word-of-mouth. online and offline.

Your customer’s challenge

Consumers often feel overwhelmed by what is offered in stores and online. Unable to test a product’s scent before their purchase, most consumers stick with the brand they know.

Some questions customers ask themselves:

  • How does this product’s scent unfold on my skin?
  • What is the scent like, how intense is it?
  • What if I don’t like the smell? I don’t want to take any risk.

Our solution – Your benefits

Marketing Executives benefit from the sensory fragrance test in many ways:

The USP Body Fragrance Test:

  • it engages consumers. online and offline. and creates brand awareness.
  • it creates a sensory experience, and therefore a long-lasting memory.
  • it enables consumers to detect how your product’s scent unfolds on their very own skin, thus increasing their purchase intent.
  • Satisfied consumers will buy again. #brandlove

The fragrance demo tool enables your cosmetics brand to design an emotionally engaging and tailor-made “Beauty Moment of Truth”.

Our solution - How it works

Watch this video to see the tool in action

Body Fragrance Test
01:21 min

How it works


Place the Body Fragrance Test in front of you.

body fragrance test


Gently rub your fingers over the fruit images to release the scent. (Test can be repeated multiple times)


To discover how the scent develops on body skin, gently rub the image over the inside of your inner forearm. (Test can be repeated multiple times)

Customize your product

We can easily customize the Body Fragrance Test and adjust size, shape, material, printing effects and more – so the tool perfectly reflects the uniqueness of your brand.


The test strips are a good tool to start a conversation with customers!

Aveda Distributor,
Leadership Martina Greschonig | USP Solutions
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