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UV Intensity Test

How can the intensity of
UV rays be demonstrated?

USP Solutions’ UV Intensity Test is a reliable and easy-to-use test that appeals to your consumer’s senses, enabling them to touch and feel your brand, thereby emotionally engaging them.

The UV Intensity’s test area reacts with a colour change when exposed to UV light within seconds. The more extreme the colour change, the higher the UV intensity level.

The knowledge about the intensity of the UV and individual’s sun care needs, combined with product information, guides consumers to purchase their appropriate sun care selections from your brand.

Beauty Concerns:
Activation Channels:
  • POS, Magazine Insert, Sampling,
    In-Pack/On-Pack, Direct Sales, Sampling, Catalog Insert, Sales Training, Beauty Professionals
Sales Channels:

Our solution - How it works

Watch this video to see the tool in action

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UV Brands - UV Intensity Test | USP Solutions


Place the UV bookmark in front of you.

UV Brands - UV Light on test area | USP Solutions


Expose test field of UV bookmark to sunlight or a UV lamp for 10 seconds.

UV Brands - UV Intensity Test - How it works | USP Solutions


Depending on UV intensity, the test field will change color from light to dark purple.


Various customizations possible: e.g. as UV sticker...


... to go on a phone, notepad etc.

Customize your product

We can easily customize the UV Intensity Test and adjust size, shape, material, printing effects and more – so the tool perfectly reflects the uniqueness of your brand.


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