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Wrinkle Test

Which anti-wrinkle product
for which skin structure?

USP Solutions’ Wrinkle Test is a reliable and easy-to-use tool which appeals to your consumer’s senses – it provides a haptic experience which enables brands to emotionally engage with their consumers.

The 2D Wrinkle Test consists of a Powder Applicator and a Visual Patch. When used simultaneously the strips deliver a 2-dimensional visualization of the skin’s surface structure and/or facial expression lines within seconds. It can be tailored to target many different wrinkle concern areas, such as the eye corners, forehead, upper lip, neck, chest, etc.

The 3-Dimensional Wrinkle Test delivers a perfect image of the skin structure and impresses with its high accuracy and amazing results. The skin structure image is created using a two-component silicone and the relief-like result shows even the finest lines perfectly. Due to the complexity of its use, application of the 3D Wrinkle Tester by a beauty consultant is recommended.

When using the USP Solutions Wrinkle Test, consumers gain knowledge of their skin’s surface structure and their very own signs of aging. When consumers learn about their skin needs, they experience an “A-ha” moment. It’s this moment that creates an emotional experience and therefore a long lasting impression about your brand. Combined with product information, the Wrinkle Test encourages consumers to purchase their appropriate anti-aging skin care selections from your brand.

Activation Channels:
  • POS, Magazine Insert, Sampling,
    In-Pack/On-Pack, Direct Sales, Sampling, Catalog Insert, Sales Training, Beauty Professionals
Sales Channels:

Our solution - How it works

Watch this video to see the tool in action

01:17 min
How to engage customers - step 1 | USP Solutions


Apply powder by gently rubbing patch to skin at eye corner (patch 1).

How to engage customers - step 2 - Press Patch onto eye area | USP Solutions


Press wrinkle patch onto eye area (patch 2).

How to engage customers - step 3 | USP Solutions


Compare wrinkle patch with result fields to determine your personal wrinkle structure.

Customize your product

We can easily customize the Wrinkle Test and adjust size, shape, material, printing effects and more – so the tool perfectly reflects the uniqueness of your brand identity.


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