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Beauty Moment of Truth

The Beauty Moment Of Truth (BMOT)

Involves Interaction, Emotion, Information, Discovery, Revelation, a transformation in consumer perception – one that gears potential customer’s thinking towards a product.

1. The Moment of Truth

Every “moment of truth” that a consumer experiences is likely to directly influence the buying decision. As a result, it makes sense for brands to learn and understand each and every moment that a potential customer experiences. When it comes to personal care products, there is actually one key moment of truth, which is called the “Beauty Moment of Truth” or BMOT.

2. What is the BMOT?

It is the valuable moment during which consumers learn about their beauty traits and needs. The Beauty Moment of Truth is a highly emotional interaction between a BRAND and their target consumer. This concept is also commonly referred to as the “Aha Moment of Truth.”


The true power of BMOT resides in the creation of the consumer‘s Aha moment, which can take place either at home or in store. When companies offer consumers something, such as a device or a test, they create a powerful moment where potential customers have a very tactile experience. Through this process, the consumer can learn about his/her very own beauty traits and needs. It is at this point where the transformative “Aha Moment” takes place. Through the BMOT, companies have the unique opportunity to emotionally connect with consumers. They can make a significant impact and deeply influence the buying decision process.

The BMOT Model

The Concept of the BMOT

What is the beauty Moment of Truth?
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