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Our Core Values

Brand Activation
is the core value of
what we do

Protecting your investment and helping you reach your goals is what drives us every day.

While traditional advertising (radio, print, television) verbally and visually communicates the brand and product features and values, USP Solutions captivates consumers by engaging all of the senses.

In this way, USP Solutions’ sensory marketing tools can encompass a variety of other marketing strategies from sampling to large-scale product activation marketing.

How USP Solutions supports Brand Activations

Trigger consumer engagement and improve consumer impact

  • Trigger consumer engagement and reach your target audience while empowering brand activation and getting more sales
  • Propose Sensory Marketing tools that improve consumer impact whilst helping you achieve your marketing goals
  • Reduce cost per acquisition by reducing the number of tools, their associated cost and resources required while maximizing consumer acquisition
  • See, Smell, Hear, Taste, and Touch – Let your customers shop using all of their senses!
  • Activate brand demand by initiating consumer loyalty with the power of the Beauty Moment of Truth

Change selling to consulting

  • Shift selling to consulting situations at the POS or in 1:1 conversations
  • Emotionally connect to the brand with the consumer at the right time, at the right moment in the right place and in the right way- motivating consumer commitment
  • Increase sales by minimizing the impact of representatives/activation ladies missing sales skill by providing tools that change selling to a consulting situation
  • Engage consumers in a conversation, create attention and involve emotions with the power of the Beauty Moment of Truth

Support and visualize a product claim

  • Underline your products claim while increasing brand trust
  • Support your product claim as consumers interact with the brand, giving you the power to produce the desired effect
  • Turn insight into action, thus making the brand’s claim more believable, and therefore the opportunity to sell becomes more promising
  • Manage the risk of demonstrating product claim with the power of the Beauty Moment of Truth

Guiding from analog to #digital

In combining an analog with a digital experience, we at USP Solutions combine the best out of both worlds:

  • Consumers experience your brand with their senses, thus getting physically in touch with your brand #sensorymarketing
  • Consumers perform a physical and sensorial test, whereas the results are evaluated digitally
  • The digital evaluation leads to a reliable & individualized product recommendation
  • Consumers can then be guided to purchase the recommended product online