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Our unique approach

Activation as a
three step process

Our unique approach
is based on three elements

1. Sensory Marketing Tools

Sensory marketing tools appeal to the senses, integrating touch, feel and smell whereas the haptic experience is the most important. In the personal care market, sensory marketing tools such as skin, scalp and UV testers enable brands to emotionally connect with consumers, leaving a lasting impression.

Further sensory marketing tools enable consumers to enjoy a new experience and learn something new about their skin care, body care, hair care, sun care or deo needs. USP Solutions calls this moment of emotion and learning the Beauty Moment of Truth.

2. The Beauty Moment of Truth

A BMOT is that valuable and powerful moment during which consumers learn about their beauty traits and needs through a tactile experience. This personal interaction between your brand and target consumers involves emotion, information, discovery and revelation. It is a transformation in consumer perception – one that directs their thinking towards your product and deeply influences their buying decision process.

Creating a Beauty Moment of Truth is proven to form stronger bonds between consumers and a brand, thus increasing brand awareness and brand trust.

What is the Beauty Moment of Truth?
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Brand Activation revolves around activity that brings brands to life and encourages positive participation. Looking at Brand Activation therefor is a process that truly engages consumers. Brand Activation tools by USP Solutions function as/to:

  • Conversation Starter
  • Change Selling to Consulting
  • Perform Education, and or prove product claim