Star Trek knocking on beauty’s door? Webservice for beauty promotions.
3 years ago

Star Trek knocking on beauty’s door?

Our world had been on the way to digital marketing with all the generation X, Y, Z’s etc. furiously lapping up every digital app that came their way. Despite this move towards digital dependence, it had still been a slow and steady race for the cosmetic industry. Some being very proactive while others, still preferring the pull of crowds to their POS. With the COVID-19 the age-old adage of “necessity is the mother of invention,” forced many around the world to rethink their daily lives. It is now imperative to digitally transform.

The pandemic has affected each and every-one of us; individually and collectively. It has turned our world up-side-down, including the world of beauty. Visiting salons, hopping for cosmetics, and beauty brands, experimenting with them, has all been impacted. Now almost a year in, what´s ahead?

If you have recently been to stores such as Sephora, The Body Shop etc. you will realize some sad facts such as there are fewer staff and patrons alike, strict disinfecting regimens are in place, no testers, some even advocate the no-touch protocol. Whilst one can understand this, it certainly puts a damper on the magic of shopping for beauty. Now, the personal care industry faces a big challenge. As learned from the past, the best way to sell your creams and lotions, shampoos and conditioners, body washes, and soaps have always been by giving the consumer a chance to feel, smell, and see the advantages – Use their senses. Digital-only is two dimensional, right … for now.


So, what comes next?

The enjoyment of makeup and personal care stores was so tactile and so personal. Will we ever again be able to browse the aisles looking for the best product for our needs? Yes, it seems to be getting better. Will we get to test formulas and sample shades from communal samplers? Now here I am doubtful. That is unless we can merge the analog with the digital.

The Digi.BA; Digital Beauty Advisor may be the answer. With this technology, brands and retailers can leverage different types of claims and experiences by integrating a haptic experience with it. This digital beauty advisor offers personalized and individual experiences and recommendations while educating consumers across different touchpoints. Our skin is analog, the products we buy are analog, but social distancing demands we go digital. Why can’t we combine the two?

Ensuring a haptic experience of general exploration, learning, and fun results in stimulating the senses – increasing the desire to shop, all in the comfort and safety of their home. A 7 days a week, 24 hours a day form of remote marketing, ensures a 1:1 interaction with the consumer with their very own beauty pro. Nearly every sense can be used and stimulated differently that impacts consumer behavior- while guiding and consulting. With options such as proving product claim, recommendations, steering the consumer on a journey to ensure product loyalty, and an increase in basket size.


The digi.BA can test the consumer’s skin, hair, face as required. These are done with easy to use testers that are easily available in-store or sent to the consumer by either mail, as a magazine insert, or even along with the online purchase to test themselves. The advantage of this is a) it is hygienic b) the test can be done by the consumer themselves in the comfort and safety of their home or even contactless wherever they may like. So essentially, if the consumer wants to even test themselves in-store and not forfeit the shopping experience, they can buy the product then and there, without fear of breaking any social distancing laws.  This tool essentially recommends the brand’s product that is specifically good for the consumer’s skin. This could also enable more insights so that the consumer get what’s best for them.

As a future-forward company, USP Solutions, had even pre-Covid, been dabbling in the notion of Digital. Looking at the possibility and options of connecting our analog market sensory tools with the digital world. They succeeded in merging the two technologies into the Digi.BA that became available for deployment. Continuously fine-tuning the needs and requirements of the brands. This concept of seeking information on a product through one’s senses is a potential for marketing and creates a point-of-purchase atmosphere that makes the customer’s choice for a product a conscious decision.

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