10 hours ago

“The more sensory representations of your brand you can include in your retail environment, the higher the brand memory and emotional engagement.” USP Solutions tested this theory in a study, which observed how consumers were influenced by the presence of a sensory demo tool in a magazine advertisement.

2 weeks ago

While marketing on digital platforms can draw the attention of more potential customers, it does not hold the same power as sensorial marketing activities when it comes to forming brand-consumer bonds.  

3 weeks ago

 The pairing of analog and digital reaps the benefits of both worlds. It is in this way that the sensory experience is transformed into a digital business, whilst maintaining consumer-brand engagement, trust, and relationships.  

1 month ago

 "To define the purpose of marketing in terms of need satisfaction, problem solution or benefit delivery is too narrow. The ultimate goal of marketing is providing customer with valuable experiences." 

2 months ago

Sensory experiences trigger emotional responses engaging you with the brand and separating it from competitors. Sensory marketing tools are designed to do just that in the cosmetics industry, giving your product an edge over others.

8 months ago

Brand activation campaigns are not simple.
After all, you want the consumer to become emotionally attached to your brand from their very first interaction.

9 months ago

In this day and age, the average marketing schemes or beauty brand activation campaigns just wouldn't cut it anymore. In order to stand out from the other beauty brands, you have to think out of the box which is where sensory marketing comes in.

Leadership Martina Greschonig | USP Solutions
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