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Personalised skin diagnostic test kit

Prescription-Based Clinical Dermatology

About the project

Modules, a renowned clinical dermatology brand based in Singapore, set its sights on expanding into the Philippines market. With a focus on prescription-based skincare solutions and a personalized approach. As part of the launch the team aimed to leverage their existing brand reputation and target Filipino consumers who were seeking personalized skincare solutions. The online platform showcases the brand’s unique approach to dermatology and features an interactive quiz to provide potential customers with a glimpse of the personalized experience they can expect.

As part of their offline strategy, they needed a personalized experience in the form of a diagnostic test kit. The kit was to serve as a tool for offline consultation, complementing the online quiz. They wanted a tool that customers could use to determine their skin’s specific needs without being online but at the same time have the opportunity to be directed by means of a QR code to set up a personal consultation. The test results were then used to create customized prescription treatments, ensuring that each product was tailored to the individual’s unique requirements. Allowing Modules to reach a wider audience and establish trust in the local market.

With careful execution, USP developed a sebum-level test card engagement card that diagnosed the skin type of the consumer. The results could then be used to develop a customised treatment for the consumer’s own personal skin needs.

By effectively combining online and offline strategies, the company was able to reach a broad audience while providing personalized skincare solutions backed by pharmacists‘ expertise.

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