If you are not thinking PHYGITAL, you should start right now.
2 years ago

If you are not thinking PHYGITAL, start right now. Shift consumer engagement.

“It’s very clear that in today’s experience economy, marketing must change. The old ways of thinking, while good for their time, no longer cut it.” So says B. Joseph Pine II, co-author of The Experience Economy.

Therefore the future of marketing is Phygital.

Phygital is a new word and is a portmanteau of physical and digital. It is the idea that the digital world can be made physical, and vice versa. You may have seen it in recent news about BMW’s driverless car technology.

The purpose of phygital marketing strategy is to encourage engagement with products or services through tactile methods while integrating into augmented or virtual reality. The concept has been heralded by world-famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright as “the ultimate in intellectual sensation “. Believe it or not in the ’50s. Although the phrase was copyrighted in 2013 by the Australian agency, Momentum.


It takes the best of both worlds to create a more extensive and satisfying customer experience. The Phygital phenomenon differentiates with its Omnichannel element.

Now how does Phygital equate in the world of beauty? We know that technology today is a big part of beauty, it is ever-evolving. So, if technology can build that bridge between the sensorial and digital beauty experience to create new ways of engaging consumers and a new type of consumer engagement, what better gift could we give to beauty enthusiasts?

With the increase of its use, in relation to marketing, the question arises how can this idea be applied to beauty products? Essentially, the concept is to take brands that are loved and make them further stand out on an experiential level. A tool that focuses on the consumer as the beginning of product-related marketing strategies.  Consumer experience and consumer engagement are put in the focus.


What is PHYGITAL in Beauty Marketing?


By using this concept companies can design suitable, emotional, and valuable consumer experiences in a Phygital context that includes both offline and online experiences. Consumer emotion is, most certainly, a key component that has a strong impact on consumer decision-making, satisfaction, and ultimately brand loyalty. One would think that the personal and digital cannot meet because often the physical and digital worlds had been seen as opposites, while in reality, they actually complement one another. It is a given that retailing is at its best with human contact. Physical contacts are reassuring and essential but today the digital element is even more essential especially with the new-age consumers of post covid times.

Does the idea of brands connecting with consumer and their emotions Phygitally, maximize purchase intent, on both online and offline touchpoints benefit the brand with a substantial payoff? We think it does.

digi.BA - customized Beauty Advisor

A Webservice for digital engagement & product recommendation. Works with multiple technologies providing a better understanding of one's skin type and skin condition.

If you are searching for ways to stimulate the purchase intent, digitally and offline, and making your brand relevant at any stage of the consumer journey or any platform contact experts at USP Solutions. We make your brand #experienceable.



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