How to Expand The Omnichannel Strategy for Beuty Brands

Expanding your Omnichannel Strategy another step

Many e-commerce retailers add packaging inserts before sending their shipments to customers for delivery. As a result, they have the potential to improve shipping and fulfillment strategies, since they are often unexpected, and they build customer loyalty as a result.

Why are packaging inserts awesome for online sales engagement?

Well, they don’t require much investment and bring in lots of returns for your brand. Higher consumer engagement with personal care products puts your e-commerce offering in a unique position of trust and authority. By offering these inserts, may they be a how-to-use instruction, a special offer or educational tools like an on-skin tester, they are an experience they are bound to remember. These inserts build a connection with your consumers by offering a personal touch.

  • They increase loyalty & improve customer retention – Not all skin is created equal. Different skin types—may it be oily, dry, normal, combination, or sensitive skin—have different needs. In order for your consumer to properly care for their skin, they need to identify their own skin type first.
  • Packaging inserts help you provide a positive experience to your consumers and help you retain them. When a consumer finds a personal tester inside the package which they use and learns about their personal skin need, it is sure to strike an emotional chord with him/her.
  • Packing Inserts can help with cross-selling –Brands that have an e-commerce channel can also cross-sell their other products using packaging inserts. For example, you can send a skin type tester to the consumer when they order a cleanser. Or a hydration tester along with a moisturiser. Your other range of products will benefit from this cross-selling strategy.
  • Guide your customer – These tools provide a science-based, engaging diagnostic of the potential consumer’s skin needs and a product recommendation that would fit their specific need. Enabling you to target your messaging in a very specific fashion.
  • Cost-effective- as they cost a fraction of the yield – with a free marketing channel


When consumers receive more than they ordered, they are always thrilled, so when they receive a demo or a tester for them to try and engage in, they will be even more delighted as they feel a connection to the brand that cares about their needs. As a result, you will not only be able to cross-sell your products, but you will also be able to retain them. Their investment in your website will not only yield a greater return on their investment but will steer them to return there.


Pair it with an online quiz or AI tool to give a truly sensorial journey with new-age flavour and you have won the jackpot.

digi.BA - customized Beauty Advisor

A Webservice for digital engagement & product recommendation. Works with multiple technologies providing a better understanding of one's skin type and skin condition.

With over 30 technologies available to address different categories, claims and needs, added to that USP’s AI integration powered by Haut.AI’s technology cover all the bases.


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