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How effective is your handwash?

A product claim demonstrator: germ detection tool.

About the project

The Lifebuoy team has been looking for a demo that proved its claim of eliminating 99% of germs compared to other soaps. Germs are invisible to the naked eye, so they are overlooked all around. They wanted to show that not only did the soap make short order of the visible dirt, but it also went deeper to tackle the invisible germs which a regular wash may not provide. Thus, really eliminating 99% of germs from the surface of the hands.

How did USP Solutions help? 

Taking the Lifebuoy team’s requirements into consideration, USP developed a demo card that used two of its technologies. The R&D lab of USP tested Lifebuoy and other similar products against different technologies. They found that they could show the elimination of dirt by using the wipe off technology. This showed that both products worked equally well, but when the demo was exposed to UV light, one could see the part treated by Lifebuoy, how deeply it cleaned with only 1% of germs still present. While the part of the demo treated with competitor product still showed the invisible germs. This demo was so powerful and believable that they were able to prove their claim effectively.


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