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Diagnose and recommend the best product choice

About the project

Having seen our testers being used successfully by other stores in their region, Goldenberry Group connected with USP, as they needed a compelling tool to help their sales staff to diagnose and recommend the best product choice for their make-up lines. They wanted a tool that could be used on the face; reacting with the sebum on the skin so that the result could be visually confirmed. A scale of sebum level –3 levels – dry, normal, and oily skin would diagnose the skin type of the consumer that could then be matched with the product that was best suited for the consumer. This tool was specifically needed for their foundation and powder range.

How did USP Solutions help?

USP Indicator took up the challenge and developed a tool using our skin type technology that measure’s the sebum of the skin on the face. The two-step tool, built as a 4-page leaflet, had testers integrated that measured the sebum on the cheek and forehead of the consumer. The two strips were then measured against the results chart in the leaflet that pointed the consumer towards the correct product choice. The artwork was then finalised with the Goldenberry team and the tool was then produced for success.


  • Rimmel
  • Color Cosmetics,
  • Skin Care
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  • Skin Type Test
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  • POS, at home
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Proven Results

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Reach Target Audience
Increase Sales

How It Works

Watch this video to see the tool in action

USP Skin Type Test
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