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Anti-Ashiness Demo

How to demonstrate the immediate effect of moisturizing products?

Anti-Ashiness Demo supports marketers in engaging their consumers in an educational and yet fun way and allows product experience at POS, safely demonstrated by beauty advisors.

A lack of moisture in the skin that leaves it dehydrated and a resulting build-up of dead skin cells can cause roughness and an ashy appearance of the skin.

How does it work?  The Anti-Ashiness Demo simulates how exfoliating products and moisturizers transform the skin and reveal an even skin tone and well-hydrated, bright, and glowy look.

By applying some product on half of the women’s faces the moisturizing effect can be seen immediately, giving the skin a brighter appearance and instant glow.

Combined with product information, experiencing its efficacy at POS, consumers are encouraged to purchase their appropriate product from your brand.

Beauty Concerns:
Activation Channels:
  • POS, Direct Sales, Sales Training, Beauty Professionals
Sales Channels:

How it works

Watch this video to see the tool in action

01:01 min


Place Anti-Ashiness Demo Card in front of you.


Apply your moisturizer or exfoliating product on half of the women's faces.


Immediately see the moisturizing effect and brighter appearance of the skin.

Customize it and create your unique solution!

We can easily customize this technology in size, shape, material, printing effects and more – so the tool perfectly reflects the uniqueness of your brand.