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Facial skin analysis
powered by AI

Your customized AI-driven skin analytics tool at the touch of your fingertips

Your branded AI-driven skin analysis tool creating a customised skin routine

Your branded AI-driven skin analysis tool that creates a customised skin routine for your consumer, helping you build trust, engagement, and loyalty.

With our AI-powered skin analysis tool, skincare brands can offer skin testing and create interactive product recommendations on e-commerce platforms, in-store, and at home. While maintaining a skin diary for monitoring and continuous feedback.

With this engagement tool, your consumers can analyse their skin and its needs in just a few easy steps. The tool scans up to 15 key skin health and beauty metrics, measures several beauty traits with testers touching the skin and then sends the information back to the consumer.


On-Skin Physical Testers with AI integration - a Phygital dream

By offering a phygital tool you are connecting consumers on multiple fronts by connecting the physical aspect of the consumer with the digital. Encompassing the best of both physical and digital worlds that touch all channels by offering:

  • The power of AI to analyse skin traits.
  • The precision of beauty traits testers that touch the skin.
  • A perfect product recommendation and guidance to purchase.
  • Fully branded experience for your consumer.
  • In less than four weeks.

How it works

The Real AI Scanner

Just a few Easy Steps


Results from the physical skin test are entered.


The AI-technology scans the face.


A custom algorithm builds a score, displaying the unique beauty traits.


Brand products that best correspond to the results are recommended.

By analysing skin with this cutting-edge image data – powered by AI – and information based on physical skin testing, our innovative backed-by-science tool will suggest appropriate skincare products from your brand portfolio that is best for their skin.

Discover your customised beauty routine recommendation

    You can track the progress and even show the progress that the product has made to the consumer’s skin.

    Additionally, this information can be used to gain marketing insights for retail points of sale and online marketplaces with data-driven cosmetics recommendations.

    Develop actionable, science-driven marketing opportunities based on the insights gathered by the tool.

    The key advantages of this digital tool that is driven by AI are:

    •  Offering your consumer a customer experience that assures
    • Improved engagement
    • Improved and actionable feedback
    • Customer trust and Loyalty
    • Increased sales due to correct recommendation
    • Increase of upsells
    • Reduce returns and waste
    • Further sustainability

    AI provides the most accurate result, barring a 1:1 personal consultation. Offering simultaneously a wider market, instant professional-grade results that lead to greater customer satisfaction.

    Some of the AI features implemented by USP Solutions are powered by Haut.AI.