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Sun Damage –
Sunburn & Tanning

How to prevent
sunburn and tanning?

Are your consumers aware of how effective your sun care products are? With all the products available, it becomes challenging for consumers to choose a sunscreen that is “really working”. This demo tool, used with your SPF product proves your product’s effectiveness against sun damage.​ It guides to the right product choice, which is essential when it comes to brand trust and brand loyalty.

The Sun Damage- Sunburn and Tanning Demo Tool reacts to UV light and simulates the sun’s damaging impact on the skin. Knowledge about the damage sun can cause, combined with product information, guides consumers to purchase their appropriate sun care variant from your brand. The Sun Damage tool helps consumers to discover how your product works and will boost their overall UV awareness. ​​

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Our solution - How it works

Watch this video to see the tool in action

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Sun Damage Card


Step 1 of Sun Damage Demo Tool | USP Solutions


Place Sun Damage Card in front of you.

Reveal Sun Damage Tool for Man | USP Solutions


Protect one side of the face with the flap (move flap in the middle of the card). Then expose card to sun or UV lamp (395 to 400 nm) for about 10 seconds.

Reveal Sun Damage Tool - Face of Man on Test Tool | USP Solutions


Remove flap and compare protected to unprotected area. The unprotected area shows signs of sun damage: tanning and sunburn.

Customize your product

We can easily customize Sun Damage- Sunburn and Tanning Demo Tool and adjust size, shape, material, printing effects and more – so the tool perfectly reflects the uniqueness of your brand.


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