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Lloyds Pharmacy

What is the hydration level of your skin?

About the project

The hydration level of skin undergoes challenges and changes all year round. So, how to identify what treatment your body skin needs right now? See how Lloyds Pharmacy helped consumers to answer this question.

The Lloyds Pharmacy team needed a conversation starter for their in-store consultants, which focused on the needs of their consumers and was able to lay an important first step towards one-to-one consulting

The USP Solutions’ challenge was to translate the Lloyds Pharmacy needs to a brand activation tool that encouraged consumers to get start a conversation with Lloyds Pharmacy’s in-store consultants. The aim was to shift selling to consulting.

USP Solutions developed prototypes, different in shape and size, which were sent to the Lloyds Pharmacy marketing team for reviews and we proposed that the hydration test technology was the best technology match for this campaign.
Once it was decided how the haptic tester experience could be implemented in the campaign, USP took complete responsibility; from artwork creation to printing and on-time delivery.

The Hydration Test tool from USP Solutions enables consumers to understand their skin’s moisture level, giving them a moment of truth. The adhesive test area removes dead skin flakes from the skin’s surface. The more skin flakes removed, the drier the skin is. This knowledge let consumers realize their need for a body moisturizer which was then recommended by the Lloyds Pharmacy consultant.

  • Lloyds Pharmacy
  • Body Care,
  • Dermocosmetics
Beauty Concern:
Test Type:
  • Hydration Tester
Activation Channel:
  • In-store
Sales Channel:
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Proven Results

Our beauty marketing tools are highly effective.

Reach Target Audience
Increase Sales
Reach Target Audience
Increase Sales

How It Works

Watch this video to see the tool in action

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Hydration Test


Press test area to your shin or elbow for 3-5 seconds.

Hydration Test Matching Result | USP Solutions


Compare test area with result fields to determine your skin’s hydration level.