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How hydrated are your hands?

About the project

Having worked previously on many projects, the Rituals marketing team came to USP as they wanted to activate their instant hand care lotion in 250 of their 680 stores around the world. They needed a diagnostic tool that was not only engaging but also measured the level of hydration on a consumer’s hand. Once diagnosed the consumer could get a free consultation with a Ritual beauty advisor, who would give them special hand treatment, and service advice based on the results. 

How did USP Solutions help?

After testing the variants of Rituals´ hand care lotions on our different technologies, USP developed a hydration tester to be used on hands. This tester measured the level of hydration of the consumer by indicating the results between normal and very dry skin. This easy to use tool helped the consumer to diagnose their own hydration level in just a few seconds, enabling the Rituals beauty advisor to start a conversation and recommend the best product variant from the Rituals hand treatment range.


  • Rituals
  • Body Care
Beauty Concern:
Test Type:
  • Hand Hydration Test
Activation Channel:
  • Retail, In-store consulting
Sales Channel:
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What was the challenge?

The Rituals team was looking for an in-store promotion solution that enables the consumer to experience product truth with all their senses.  

How did USP Solutions help?

Understanding how important it was for Rituals to create an engaging and emotional consumer experience, the USP Solutions team suggested the hydration test strip. With the aid of this test strip, Rituals enabled consumers to detect their very own hydration level – a highly emotional and engaging moment – also referred to as Beauty Moment of Truth. Secondly, the test strip enabled to visualize the product benefit.

Proven Results

Our beauty marketing tools are highly effective.

Reach Target Audience
Increase Sales
Reach Target Audience
Increase Sales

How It Works

Watch this video to see the tool in action

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Hydration Test


Press test area to your shin or elbow for 3-5 seconds.

Hydration Test Matching Result | USP Solutions


Compare test area with result fields to determine your skin’s hydration level.