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About the project

Henkel’s global team wanted to bring innovation to their internal event that covered over 8 countries. They needed a tool to support and promote the efficacy of their dandruff shampoo. The primary goal was to demonstrate Schwarzkopf’s acute understanding of consumer needs and their commitment to staying ahead in the market by presenting a highly accurate, interactive, and engaging tool that was backed by science.

The objective was to create a tool that not only accurately assessed dandruff levels of the attendees but also engaged the audience the event, highlighting the company’s commitment to innovation.

How did USP Solutions help?

The USP team collaborated closely with Schwarzkopf’s global team to understand their vision, technical requirements, and desired user experience. Drawing insights from USP Technologies’ expertise in interactive tools and Schwarzkopf’s profound understanding of hair care, we developed a cutting-edge Dandruff Tester Card.

This technology enabled accurate assessment of dandruff levels on different scalp types. Additionally, leveraging interactive design principles, the tool was made user-friendly, ensuring easy deployment that could be used across various platforms.

The tool deployed at Schwarzkopf’s internal event was used as a centerpiece of innovation. Attendees engaged enthusiastically, experiencing the tool’s accuracy and user-friendliness firsthand. Through live demonstrations and personalized assessments, the global team showcased their expertise in understanding the country teams needs and delivering effective solutions.


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Reach Target Audience
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How It Works

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USP Dandruff Test
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