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Mildness Demo

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About the project

About the project 

Signal Toothpaste’s R&D successfully formulated a new toothpaste aiming to promote its mildness by excluding Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), positioning it as gentle on teeth and gums while enhancing overall oral health.

The primary challenge was to visually and tangibly exhibit the mildness of the toothpaste while highlighting its benefits for oral health. They needed to create a compelling demonstration that could effectively convey the mildness aspect to internal stakeholders.

How USP helped

Seeking to internally showcase this breakthrough, the team engaged with USP, a trusted partner previous collaborations, to create a successful demonstration for their new formulation.

Using ideation to conceptualize a demonstration strategy and comprehensive brainstorming sessions and validation, the USP team arrived at a multifaceted solution:

  1. Video Demonstration: A high-quality video was created, painstakingly tailored to highlight the toothpaste’s mildness. It demonstrated the effect of the mild formulation on flowers when compared to other SLS-containing products.
  2. Haptic Demos: To complement the video, three variations of mildness demos, shaped like flowers, were developed. These tactile representations aimed to offer a hands-on experience, allowing individuals to see and feel the difference in gentleness compared to conventional toothpaste containing SLS.

This case demonstrates the power of innovative ideas and effective execution in conveying the product’s unique qualities, laying the groundwork for successful internal endorsement and potential consumer acceptance.

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  • Mildness Demo
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  • Video as Internal showcase
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  • India

How it Works

Watch this video to see the tool in action

Signal Mildness Test
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