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About the project

Vasenol Germany planned on an extensive launch in all larger stores in Germany and Austria. As Vasenol is also a therapeutic product, it was also to be launched in pharmacies.  The tool needed to be easy to use and engaging in diagnosing the consumer’s hydration level useing the results to recommend the right product choice.

USP’s hydration tester was able to deliver exactly those results. When its test strip was applied to the skin of the consumer and then removed, the test strip was able to determine how dry the skin of the consumer was. The drier the skin the whiter the strip, as the top layer of the cells on the skin, is removed and gets adhered to the test strip.  Once the consumer was able to determine their dryness level, they were convinced of the need for Vasenol and steered to the perfect variant based on their hydration level.

The consumer was engaged and got a clear idea of how and why they need the product for their skin health.


  • Vasenol
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  • Hydration Test
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Hydration Test
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Reach Target Audience
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