Boost Your Brand Activation Campaign in 3 Simple Steps

From sensory symphony to tech-sation

Let’s embark on a sensorial ride through the splendid world of beauty, where sensory marketing reigns supreme and a newfangled phenomenon known as “phygital” (physical partnered with digital) is set to tickle our fancy. Hold onto your parasols and top hats, for the adventure begins!I

In a world filled with endless choices, how can cosmetic brands make a lasting impression on consumers? Sensory marketing techniques, which engage us by appealing to our senses and leaving a lasting impression, hold the key to finding the solution. Today, we delve into the captivating world of sensory marketing, exploring how a brand creates a Beauty Moment of Truth (BMOT) and forges a deep connection with their consumers.

Close your eyes, if you will, and imagine the scene. Imagine stepping into a beauty store and as you browse through the aisles, you are assaulted with promises, pretty packaging, and familiar names. Oh my, I myself would want them all! But alas, that would mean playing with the devil himself ….that is the skin care devil who lies in wait to ruin your skin and drive you to bankruptcy.

In come the knights of shining… demos and testers that change your beauty moment of truth! That’s right, we’re talking about the haptic experience, where branded sensory tools make the choice for you. At this moment, brands may not only educate us on the idiosyncrasies of our beauty needs but also recommend the best product for us. Picture, if you will, the scene where a skin or scalp tester becomes a companion on our quest for flawless beauty, leading us on a merry quest of discovery.


    Enter the world of “phygital,” a wonderful synthesis of the physical and digital spheres. It’s as if your favourite things have manifested a technologically intriguing contraption.

    Having coined the term BMOT to describe this epic fusion of emotion, information, and discoveries -market sensory tools were precisely developed as a makeover for your consumers perception, directing their thoughts straight towards that fabulous product, and influencing their decision-making process

    Unveiling the Beauty Moment of Truth It is not just a fleeting interaction; but for a brand to have the opportunity to create an immersive experience for their customers. By engaging the senses, capture attention, spark curiosity, and initiate the consumers personal journey of discovery and revelation.

    Stronger Bonds and Increased Brand Trust

    When brands focus on creating a BMOT, they are not just selling products; they become trusted advisors and companions on the consumer’s beauty journey. This way brands provide a personalized, hands-on experience, that can build stronger emotional connections with their consumers, building on brand loyalty and trust.

    As you know, brand activation is key to unlocking consumer engagement and positive participation. It is all about injecting life and enthusiasm into the brand experience. Using a range of brand activation tools that serve as conversation starters and shift focus from selling will lead to consulting. This approach fosters meaningful interactions, allowing brands to inform consumers as well as substantiate product claims.


    Cetaphil Skin Awareness Day - Phygital skin analysis
    1:23 min

    It isn’t just about the immediate sensory experience; it’s about empowering consumers with knowledge.

    It all comes down to this – the next time your consumer encounters your beauty product that claims to transform them into a radiant goddess or a skincare routine promising results that could rival the fountain of youth, give them the opportunity to get to know them, appreciate the creativity behind the brand. Let them embrace their journey, and be ready to surprise them with your knowledge and make it personal.

    Through interactive demonstrations and personalized consultations, brands can educate customers about their skincare, body care, hair care, sun care, or deodorant needs. By imparting valuable insights, brands create a deeper level of engagement, making the buying process more informed and satisfying.