Consumers have become increasingly demanding, always looking for the newest ingredients and most innovative solutions, for natural products, better and quicker results. Clearly, skin care is becoming more of a priority. Are the brands ready?

3 weeks ago

Brand Loyalty in today´s day and age: is brand loyalty really gone? Consumer behaviour is constantly evolving and every brand has to stay on their toes if they want to keep up.

1 month ago

Recognising that your brand has created a personalised experience from which they can learn and make informed purchase decisions, the consumer begins to trust and value you. The conversation has begun and this all-important first interaction could mark the beginning of a consumer’s journey with your brand.

2 months ago

Delivering on your promises and hearing what consumers have to say will build trust and that all-important reputation so that consumers won’t have to think twice when they see your product on the shelf.

2 months ago

Who are today’s big buyers in the beauty industry that you should be thinking of when you design your brand experience?

2 months ago

“The more sensory representations of your brand you can include in your retail environment, the higher the brand memory and emotional engagement.” USP Solutions tested this theory in a study, which observed how consumers were influenced by the presence of a sensory demo tool in a magazine advertisement.

3 months ago

Demonstrating the value proposition of your brand is also an effective way to engage the emotions of consumers and win their hearts.

4 months ago

Gaining this inherent trust of customers is a huge hurdle for any brand to overcome. For new businesses that rely on prospective customers trusting their word alone that they will deliver, this can be especially challenging.

5 months ago

By incorporating an interactive element into a beauty product marketing strategy, it is possible to create a 5th opportunity, referred to as the Beauty Moment of Truth (BMOT).

5 months ago

While we might consider ourselves logical, rational human beings, the majority of our decisions are actually made by the subconscious part of our brain – enter emotion-based marketing.

1 year ago

Brand activation campaigns are not simple.
After all, you want the consumer to become emotionally attached to your brand from their very first interaction.