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6 months ago

The storytelling with demos in marketing helps consumers to understand why they need your brand or should care about about it.

9 months ago

Let's be honest, with a marketplace as crowded as today, finding that golden idea to engage consumers can feel like hunting for a black opal in Austria! and nurturing brand loyalty can seem just as elusive as catching snowflakes on your tongue.......

10 months ago

Expertly translating complex scientific concepts into understandable real content, as a vital bridge between science and marketing. How does one innovative demos, showcase product excellence, captivate audiences, and deliver immediate, tangible results. Only the best of the best in the industry have tried and succeeded......

11 months ago

Sensory marketing techniques, phygital experiences, and digital delights are revolutionizing the way we interact with beauty in this ever-changing cosmetic sector. Gone are the days of dry sales pitches. Brand Activation revolves around activity that brings brands to life and encourages positive participation...unleashing the Beauty Moment of Truth.

1 year ago

Proving one's product claim can at times be quite a tall order. What one requires is a demo born of the finest ideation and supported by the most persuasive video presentations. Through the use of science in this manner, the marketing and R&D gurus can demonstrate the efficacy of their products with evidence-based demonstrations that inspire trust in consumers. So, should one find oneself in need of a demo in the realm of skin, hair or home care, I suggest ...

1 year ago

Creating a truly immersive experience for consumers is one of the most exciting aspects of using sensory tools.
Thinking outside the box - Marketing Sensory Tools Can Inspire New Ideas and Concepts

1 year ago

An impactful brand activation campaign will function as a catalyst in achieving marketing goals.

1 year ago

By incorporating an interactive element into a beauty product marketing strategy, it is possible to create a 5th opportunity, referred to as the Beauty Moment of Truth (BMOT).

1 year ago

PRESS RELEASE - A Personalized Consumer Journey Tool with Haut.AI and USP as they partner for Phygital Skin AI

1 year ago

While marketing on digital platforms can draw the attention of more potential customers, it does not hold the same power as sensorial marketing activities when it comes to forming brand-consumer bonds.  

2 years ago

“The more sensory representations of your brand you can include in your retail environment, the higher the brand memory and emotional engagement.” USP Solutions tested this theory in a study, which observed how consumers were influenced by the presence of a sensory demo tool in a magazine advertisement.

2 years ago

How can brands protect their investment and help the beauty advisors & sales representatives to increase sales by engaging consumers in a conversation and communicating the right message?

2 years ago

How consumers benefit from Zinc in the skincare products and why it has become such an imporatan ingrediant for Beauty Brands?

5 years ago

In a perfect world, the consumer opts to buy your product and enters into the loyalty loop where they become repeat purchasers and loyal advocates of your brand. But what if they don’t like it?

6 years ago

As the line between humans and technology blurs, how can brands continue to innovate and stay in the game? One size doesn’t fit all so what's important to your consumers?