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Skin Barrier Test

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About the project

Wanting to engage the mothers and let them understand their baby’s needs, the J&J marketing team in UAE needed a tool that could measure the baby’s skin barrier range and how their new product range can fit the baby’s needs.

They wanted to show that J&J’s baby Top-to-Toe Bath helps to ensure a baby’s first line of defence, (the stratum corneum) continues to function as it should – protecting the body from bacteria, irritants, allergens and environmental attacks. They wanted to show how the desquamation works with and without their product.

Developing a 2 strip test card using the Skin Barrier technology to remove corneocytes (i.e. skin flakes, dead skin cells) from the skin’s top layer (i.e. stratum corneum). The amount of skin flakes / dead skin cells removed determines the moisture level of lower skin layers. With the result, it is possible to determine whether the test person has a normal, low or high skin barrier. One strip was used before and one test strip after product use. Thus, visibly proving to the mother that the product is just what their baby needs.

  • Johnson's baby
  • Body Care,
  • Demo Creation
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  • Skin Barrier Test
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  • Retail, Consulting at POS
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  • UAE
Hydration Test


Press test area to the baby's shin or elbow for 3-5 seconds.

Hydration Test Matching Result | USP Solutions


Compare test area with result fields to determine the skin barrier level.

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Reach Target Audience
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