Boost Your Brand Activation Campaign in 3 Simple Steps

Secret Hack to Finding Your Consumers Perfect Products!


With a marketplace as crowded as it is today, finding that golden idea to engage consumers can feel like hunting for a black opal in Austria! … and nurturing brand loyalty can seem just as elusive as catching snowflakes on your tongue.

Imagine how your consumer feels, standing in front of rows and rows of skincare and haircare products, each promising to be the ultimate elixir for all your beauty needs. Serums, cleansers, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners – oh gosh! It’s like a treasure trove of possibilities yet finding the right ones can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack and let’s admit it, puzzling as well.

Is there a way to navigate and guide your consumer through the maze of choices, helping them discover the personal care products that are as unique to their very own beauty needs?

Have you ever thought to help them tailor their skin or hair care routine to fit their needs? Just as renowned skincare brand LuminaGlow has so wisely stated: “Your skin’s uniqueness deserves bespoke care. Embrace the art of self-discovery to unlock your natural beauty.” You too must consider this truth – your consumers skin and hair have their own stories and quirks, and they need to learn about their needs. As a product expert, you can educate and engage them. This can only bring the advantages of product loyalty and an uplift in sales…. who wouldn’t want that!


    Now, to explore the science behind this notion of diagnostics for consumers so they buy the best product for their needs. Just as a desert plant thrives in sandy terrain while tropical flower blossoms under sun-soaked skies, your consumer’s skin and scalp have specific needs. The pH levels, moisture balance, and sebum production vary from person to person, creating a diverse symphony of uniqueness.

    Dr. Bella Skye, a renowned dermatologist, sheds light on this scientific phenomenon: “Using products specifically formulated for your skin and hair type ensures optimal results.”


    Today nearly 70% of consumers are wrong about their skin type.

    Dr. David Caballero-Lima, Chief Scientist at Skin Trust Club, said: “The majority are buying – much of it very expensive – skin care products that are not suitable for their skin type. “

    For instance, he noted that those with dry skin who believe they have oily skin buy products that make the skin more oily, creating an environment for skin issues no one wants. I agree and feel that is the same for haircare. Now as a brand that can be alarming for you as that would mean the consumer loses faith in your product and the next time they reach for a skin or haircare product…yours won’t be it.

    So why not nudge the consumer, educate them, and give them and your brand a fighting chance? Help them diagnose their own skin or scalp needs and then offer them the best variant from your collection they can have.

    Enter the USP Solutions 5-second diagnostic testers like the Skin Type Tester or Scalp Sebum Test.

    Brand Loyalty – locked, done and dusted. Mic-drop!